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After reading the assigned text, it was definitely an overview from what we have learned in class. There were many topics discussed in class that appeared in the text such as, audience, ethos, pathos and logos. I have come to a conclusion that the definition of technical writing can not be given with a simple definition. The definition of technical writing is something that is learned over time. I also learned from the reading that the type of persuasion and things you are going to appeal to depends on your audience and what your trying to get them to do.

Technical Response

In the ready from the textbook Technical Communication, it talks a lot about what we have been talking about in class already. It just makes what we been talking about in class more easier to understand.

Key Reading Concepts

The Technical Communication Handbook does a great job at covering what we have discussed in class in an in-depth manner and adds more to the entire picture.

One of the key concepts that is stressed in the book as well as class is the audience. It all comes down to the way you need to convey what you are trying to get across, using a certain medium and in a certain way, such as persuasion. Knowing your audience is a big factor in how you determine many things.


One reading Part One: Key Concepts in Technical Communication of our course book, I found the aspect of accessibility, audience, delivery medium, ethics, and purpose to be the four focus points in technical writing. These are the same points that have been discussed in our class discussions.

Key Concepts

After all the class discussions and learning about technical writing the section that I found to resonated most with me was the section on purpose that it guides the overall paper. In technical writing the writing is not often written with a singular purpose, because of this there is even more of an emphasis on the overall purpose of the paper. With a focus on the purpose of the writing, the writer can appeal to the audience better and ultimately convey their message better overall. Not only is the purpose important, but without knowing the situation there is a hard time to find the purpose.

Technical Writing ?

This reading assignment was basically review due to the fact that we covered just about everything in class. For example it talks a lot about the audience in the first chapter. It discusses the fact that you really need to gauge your audience. For example if you are are writing a technical document for an jet plane, then you know that the person reading it will have some sort of mechanical or engineering knowledge. Conversely if your writing a document on how to use word processing you should probably aim it at someone who has little or no experience with computers.

Technical Writes and Wrongs

While this section talked about many key concepts that technical writing has, the one that really stood out to me was the one on Ethics. I think that Ethics overall is an interesting subject and definitely one that can get a conversation going because you will always have different views an opinions. What I found intriguing about the technical communication and ethics was that there are, in all aspects of it, where you make decisions based on your ethical views of right and wrong.

Key Concepts

After doing the reading, and participating in the discussions in class it would seem that the definition of technical writing only becomes more and more in depth. Each time the topic is discussed it becomes a deeper concept that is ever expanding. One thing can be said for sure though, technical writing and communication plays a role in everyday life typically through business of some sort. Technical writing is typically highly specialized and, for the most part,targets a specific audience. Without knowing an audience, the main point of technical writing is lost.

Part One Reading Response

After reading the Key Concepts in Technical Communication I feel that I now have a better understanding of the topics discussed in class. I was able to read more about the different aspects of technical communication and what each one is about. There are several different topics covered in this section of the book, some of them that were covered in class as well are accessibility, audience, delivery medium, ethics, and purpose. Those were only a few of the topics covered in this first part of the book as several other important sections were also included.

Better Understanding on Technical Writing

As our discussion and reading goes along, I feel like my understanding on technical writing has been updated consistently. I learned from reading about the key concepts about technical writing really is a professional way of gather and manage information, then deliver them in the way your audience can easily understand and effective take action accordingly.

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